Gratchar Mango Atchar

A supplier of one of the finest mango atchars in South Africa.

Taking note of how the South African people appreciate this particular delicacy of the Indian Cuisine, we have dedicated our efforts to bringing the best quality atchar to them. Gratchar is a proud Mango Atchar Manufacturing business in South Africa.

The Process

Prepared from all specifically selected green mangoes that are pickled with salt, fenugreek, and SO2, Gratchar is rich in flavour and aroma. The final atchar is mixed with freshly cut chilies along with the combination of the appropriate spices and oils. We provide our product to top retailers across South Africa who can rebrand it as their own.

Rich in flavour and aroma

As a proud Mango Atchar Manufacturing business, we take special care when selecting the mangoes during the cutting season as this is the most important phase of the final product. Apart from that, every other ingredient added into the mix is first ensured to have the best quality. This is what makes every jar of the Gratchar mango atchar have a consistent taste and aroma.

All ingredients are of the best quality

Relationship with our clients

Apart from providing one of the finest quality atchar available in South Africa, we are highly focused on keeping strong relationships with the retailers.

There is a fair demand for the product in the country and we plan to keep a long-term relationship with the clients so that the supply keeps flowing smoothly.

We also have a agreement with our clients with regards the visiting of our factory to experience firsthand the completion of their order.

Atchar South Africa

Why choose us?

Buying from Gratchar Mango Atchar, you can be assured of:

Each container or bag carries the same amount of attention and effort to make sure that the quality never diminishes.

Therefore, our clients can be assured that they are providing their consumers with the same delicious atchar each time. Gratchar Mango Atchar aims to lead in this industry by providing the South African people with the best taste and hygienically manufactured mango atchars.

We believe that the nation has a well-established appreciation for rich flavors, therefore, this Indian delicacy has gained so much popularity. With our constant efforts to ensure that the quality of our mango atchar is never less than standard, we want to keep the appreciation alive.

From the fermentation process to the final packaging or boxing of the product, each stage is about consistency in quality, taste, and aroma.

Consistent Quality • Consistent Taste • Consistent Aroma • Good Customer Relations

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