We produce delicious Gratchar Mango Atchar!

We sell Gratchar Mango Atchar to retailers and customers. Retailers can rebrand the product as their own to sell towards consumer end.


Add flavour to your food

Gratchar Mango Atchar

Indian food is considered to be one of the most appreciated cuisines across South Africa.

The South African people are well-introduced to the rich flavours of Indian food, therefore, they have a well-developed taste for the delicacy known as atchar.

Atchar is a well-known flavour inducing element in the Indian cuisine. It is popular for its combination of sweet and spicy flavours. A mix of fruits vegetables and spices, atchar can accentuate the taste of any savoury dish but is often used on the sides as well.

Gratchar – We sell to retailers

We sell to retailers

We sell the Gratchar Mango Atchar to the retailers and they can rebrand the product as their own to sell towards consumer end.

As suppliers, we do our best to meet the rising demand  from the retailers. Given the well-developed palate of the South African nation, it is no surprise that atchar is a common consumer product.

What is Gratchar Mango Atchar’s Difference?

We produce Mango Atchar in our own factory. Our specialty comes from the carefully selected green mangoes based on Gratchar’s specific requirements and the uniqueness of each cultivar of mango. Not a single ripe mango is added so as to preserve consistent quality and taste standard to Gratchar Mango Atchar. Each container or bag will open up with the same aroma and delicious taste.

Rebrand the product as your own to sell towards consumer end
Gratchar | Mango Atchar

The process of making Gratchar Mango Atchar

Gratchar | Mango Atchar

Special care is taken when selecting the best green mangoes from September to December.

Gratchar Mango Atchar is aimed at bringing the true flavours of this mouthwatering delicacy to the people of South Africa. It is a well-known fact that produce is pickled in many countries to increase it’s shelf life. However, we just don’t pickle the mangoes. We combine them with quality condiments to bring you the right combinations of oils, spices, fruits and vegetables. The Gratchar Mango Atchar is prepared with the finest green mangoes. No ripe or yellow mango is used so that we can get the flavours right and consistent with each jar/packaging.

After careful selection, the green mangoes are pre-washed “sterilized with food grade “chlorine” “cut, and then mixed with spices, and allowed to ferment for a pre-determined period of time to preserve their quality. The process of fermentation of the mangoes takes about 8 weeks and the mangoes are ready to be mixed with other condiments to prepare a delicious jar of Gratchar mango atchar. The recipe comes full circle as the mangoes are mixed with freshly cut chilies. The atchar is then packed in either plastic liners and/or plastic buckets or boxed. The entire process is completed with utmost care to ensure quality and hygiene. A delicious atchar is the rich combination of oils, spices, and the carefully selected mangoes. Apart from the green mangoes, other ingredients are also added after ensuring their quality and freshness.

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